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Accident Investigations

We provide an independent investigation service for road traffic accidents that involves interviewing the victims and other people involved in the accident, tracking down and finding witnesses, arranging for police reports and interviewing the investigating police officer if necessary.

Written statements will be recorded from all agreeable witnesses and will be compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules or Magistrates Court Act.

Each investigation will be supplemented with a full locus report, sketches and photographic evidence of the scene.

We also provide the same service for accidents that happen in the workplace, in sports facilities or in any other public place.

We offer free advice and a no obligation initial consultation to work out a mutually agreeable action plan and price to provide a “tailored” solution for the client.

The work will be done by experienced accident investigators who will be either ex police officers and or accredited accident investigators and they will work with the client on a one to one basis in a professional and discreet way.

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