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It is a known fact that private homes, vehicles and offices may be bugged by competitor companies in order to find out private and confidential information about the people that use the vehicle or live or work on premises.

It may be someone who does not trust their partner, or is divorcing their partner. An enemy or a close family member, business associate or even an employer. If you suspect that someone has bugged your vehicle, office or home then you should contact us for details of our bug sweeping service. Bug Sweeps are a very specialised type of Surveillance Detection Investigation. Our technicians use electronic equipment to detect any transmitters that may have been planted in your home, office, vehicles, or on your person. They also know were devices can be hidden so their physical search is second to none. Bugging using electronic communication devices is far more common than people may think, particularly when it comes to high profile business personnel.

In the corporate and industrial world, the competition may go to lengths to keep an eye on you, including illegal bugging of your phones, computers, vehicles, homes, and offices.

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