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1. Insurance Fraud investigations

Individuals making fraudulent insurance claims are extensive and cost companies multimillion pounds each year. Ex Oscar surveillance operatives are highly experienced in obtaining photographic and video evidence to expose any possible false claims of injury or disability. Ex Oscar operatives use state-of-the-art covert video and audio equipment and can deploy a mobile covert surveillance team at short notice.

We will regularly update the client on the events that occur during the course of the surveillance and make recommendations on any particular course of action.

On conclusion of the surveillance and/or any investigations, the client will receive a full written report detailing the dates and times of events, places, and any other relevant information supported by still images. A date and time stamped DVD will also be submitted as evidence.

2. Employee absenteeism, Sickness Fraud, malingering staff.

Do you have suspicions about one of your employees? Although accidents happen at work and people can be genuinely unwell, unfortunately fraudulent employee absence is a reality, and it is one that can have severe negative effects on the efficiency of an organisation due to lost work hours and morale of co-workers. Employees who engage in such deception have often done so for quite a while, and as a result, it can be difficult to discern whether their absences are legitimate or not.

If you believe one of your employees is guilty of malingering we at Ex Oscar can assist you by planning a discreet and effective course of action and then executing it in order to identify illegitimate absences.

Through years of experience, it is likely that when an employer’s suspicions are strong enough to warrant action there is some foundation to them. Our investigators provide both the evidence necessary to deal with an employee’s deception and protection from finding yourself in an unfavourable or actionable position.

3. Asset Tracing and recovery

Ex Oscar can help to trace and identify assets related to third parties or entities. Once identified we can then work with the clients to freeze and recover both financial and physical assets.
Ex Oscar clients that have used these services have included private individuals, small businesses and international firms.

4. Company Theft - covert cameras can be placed to record crime being committed.

Do you suspect theft or a crime at your company office or work location?

We can supply and covertly install covert cameras to detect any possible theft.
These will produce ‘date and time stamped’ video evidence which may be used in any possible court proceedings.

5. Vehicle tracking devices - tracking devices for hire and sale.

Ex Oscar can supply GPS vehicle tracking devices, we can install a small, virtually undetectable monitoring devices to any vehicle which will then relay the location of that vehicle in real-time to a ‘base lap top computer’ or a mobile phone.

Why choose vehicle tracking?
Whilst there are many reasons our clients request vehicle tracking, the most common is to avoid collateral intrusion. This means of surveillance can allow a pattern of life to be built on the subject, therefore saving the client expense.

6. Asset tracking devices - fitted with panic button, vulnerable persons, children, persons at risk of crime or violence or valuable goods such as cars, boats, caravans.

The tracking devices used by Ex Oscar can be used ‘body worn’ or carried in a handbag. The devices have a panic button which can immediately alter a mobile phone or computer of an emergency and also show the exact location of the person that may be in danger.

7. Matrimonial / Domestic investigations

Ex Oscar offers a very personal approach to matrimonial matters as, in our experience, it can be very daunting and nerve racking for a spouse or partner to speak with an investigator about the difficulties within a marriage or relationship.

In most cases dealt with by Ex Oscar the client’s suspicions are correct when suspecting a cheating partner. However, where the party is shown to be innocent it gives the client satisfaction to know their suspicions were unwarranted and therefore allows them the opportunity to reconcile their thoughts and continue their marriage or partnership with more certainty.

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